Payment from loader for availing services:

We accept 90% of actual payment at the time of loading and remaining 10% at the time of Unloading paid by loader through online payment mode such as IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, etc.

All payments made for availing services are only considered if the relevant amount is credited in the Company Bank Account .Loader authorize and allow us to retain your consignments in case of any type of non-payment from your side. We may return your consignments only after due payment is received in our account. Loader agrees that the services provided by Company is at its own risk, and acknowledges that the company disclaims all claims and warranties of any kind.

Our fares do not include out of pocket expenses including but not limited to labour charges, parking charges, night surcharge, RTO Challans, RTO taxes, waiting time charges(Detention time), all applicable taxes, charges, any type of levy and other similar charges shall be paid by Loader. Loader agrees and acknowledges that you shall pay extra fare charges that may be applicable. Also, Loader clearly understands and agrees that additional drop points or pick up points shall be considered additionally in fare charges.

Loader agrees and acknowledges before selecting services and making payment, Loader have evaluated our services completely as per your requirements. In case of cancellation of the booking request after making online payment, we refund your received amount in 15 days time from the date of cancellation of Booking after deducting cancellation charges from received amount as per company policy time to time. For any information regarding Cancellation or refund amount of cancelled booking, please call us or email us. Company makes efforts to solve your problems as soon as we can.